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When terrorists rob a bank all hell is let loose.
This is a film about a bank robbery, with little concern for other's well being. The lead is a self centered egotistic homicidal maniac. He surrounds himself with people he can control. He has no respect for women. Lots of violence, some shooting & deaths, really low budget. There is a rather interesting sex scene where the lead & a consenting hostage have different views about sex, I thought it had a realistic ring to it. I rented this under the title Violent Offender. I thought that it was enjoyable if you can get past the low budget.
"Whatever they can do in Italy, we can do better" they must have thought in Germany. Extremely violent crime thrillers were very popular in Italy during the early 70's and at least a dozen of awesome ones got released every year. "Bloody Friday" is more or less Germany's response to this successful trend and a damn perplexing one, I may add! When the heavy criminal Heinz Klett escapes police custody during his transport to court, he promptly executes his plans to commit the biggest bank robbery ever in the history of the country. He, his regular partner and his girlfriend's brother storm into the bank heavily armed and take 10 people hostage. While the police attempts to gather the $1.000.000 ransom, and entire media circus unfolds outside on the streets. You usually know pretty much exactly how this kind of movie develops. Things don't go according to plan, there's the Stockholm Syndrome and a couple of unplanned deaths along the way. Apparently the film is inspired by similar real-life events as they occurred in Germany. I don't know which parts of the film were fictionalized, but I seriously wonder if the real events ended in such a nauseating and shocking bloodbath as well. I hope not. Probably the greatest accomplishment here is the biting social satire. While the hostage is going on inside, the public outside shouts for the re-implementation of the death penalty and there are even are some sly businessmen that unscrupulously want to make money out of the gathered crowd. It's certainly also not a film for people with an easily upset stomach or tangled nerves. Heinz' escape is bloody already and there's massively shocking sequence involving a hand grenade at the beginning of the hold-up. "Bloody Friday" is well-directed (by the guy who did "Shocking Asia"), the acting performances are pretty great and everything else (music, editing, photography, atmosphere) is simply in-your-face brutal and confronting.

Watch Blutiger Freitag (1972) on:<br/><br/>FlickByFlick here. Note that the site misidentifies this film as <a href="/title/tt0070697/">The Single Girls (1974)</a> (1974). Both Blutiger Freitag and The Single Girls have the alternate title of Bloody Friday.<br/><br/>UPDATE 12/08/2012 - Website has been removed and the film is not there.
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